Humble Beginnings


As a child, food played a major part in my life. From breakfast to lunch to dinner! Growing up in Jamaica, food was always readily available. I grew up in the country side from age 7 to 10, whenever we (my sister and cousins) were hungry there was always something to eat, all we had to do was climb a tree to get it. We had all types of fruit and vegetable growing in our yard or in our neighbour’s yard, there were mango, guava, banana, cherry, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, apple, sweetsop, soursop, papaya, guinep, tamarind, June plum, neesberry, passion fruit, avocado, pineapple, sugar cane and ackee trees (you name it, we had it). Some of these you would never have heard of but those trees kept us alive and well fed when we had nothing.


From a young age we were taught how to kill and cook our food. We’ve seen chickens killed and we were shown how to plucked their feathers off (dip the dead chicken in hot water for 2 minutes and you can easily pull them out) then the chicken would ready to cook right in our back yard (now that’s organic!) We’ve done the same to goats, pigs and fish! Growing up, our food was never processed! It came straight from the sea or our yard (small farm) and it was seasoned with herbs and spices placed and into a dutch pot to cook! I still remember how delicious our meals smelt and tasted to this day!

My favourite memory from living in Jamaica is waking up to the smell of a traditional breakfast! Ackee and salt fish with fried dumplings! I absolutely love this! So, this is were my food blog will start!



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