Table Decor

Table settings are so important, I feel that a good table decor (especially when you are having a dinner party) is essential. From the colours you choose to the way you fold your napkins, this is one of the key features which will impress your guests.

For my last dinner party, I choose a black and white theme with a simple centre piece filled with daisies.


Here are a few tips, which I feel makes a great table set up.

Tip 1: Choose a centrepiece which doesn’t take up the entire table or detract from the food you will be serving. If you are having a dinner party, set up your table from the day or night before (that’s one less thing to do on the day, preparation is the key)


Tip 2: Think of ways to display your cutlery and napkins – The napkins were folded with a simple pocket to place the cutlery in and the napkins are then placed on top of a dinner plate.


Click here to learn how to fold your napkin

Tip 3: My final tip for a well presented table is to always polish your glassware and cutlery to remove any water marks.


Here are a few more table decors I’ve done over the past 6 months:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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